MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH   KEEP IT COMING!!!! The snow chants must have really kicked in good this year with tons of snow everywhere, sadly I will have to shovel my roof off again. I am still here in Kzoo and there was another 4 inches overnight but I think 6 to 8 since yesterday. Rode the Kal Haven trail with my brother and out to Timber Ridge and up to Allegan. Nice trails, a bit different than riding around Frederic as there are driveways and corn fields involved. Even saw the groomer out. Trails were very good though. Lots of trucks at the trail head parking lot which lends to my theory on sled traffic being spread out thruout the state. Now on to Frederic, schools closed all over today including Frederic, Grayling and Kalamazoo. Its about 3 out and blowing with only a few new inches of snow overnight in grayling. Cathy said its a kind of a sticky snow and is stuck to the trees on one side. Sled traffic was slow in Frederic yesterday and I expect it will be again today. I am heading back home today sometime but once again this would be a perfect time for me to do a long sled ride back to Grayling from Kzoo….not sure the beagle could handle looking up over the handlebars that far so I guess I better take my truck. I am pasting a couple pictures from my ride on the Kal haven yesterday below, at my brothers property he had a couple fields with 2 feet of untouched powder in them and that was a blast carving that up. Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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