The snow chants are working awesome as we had another 6 inches or so over night on top of the other 6 to 8 we have had in the past couple days and supposedly this is just the beginning of the storm that is coming……I like it!!!  I would say probably more sleds out so far today than there was all day yesterday. It is now just past noon in Frederic and I was here just before ten plowing and there were already about ten sleds over at the swamp. The snow is still coming down good and Tim and Michelle from down by Monroe were just in along with a bunch of other riders over the morning. Here is a link to a rider that was here from Canadia when I got here, just a short youtube clip I did of him     Keep the chants coming and yesterday I was wearing my MO MO NAH CHEE NAH shirt but today I switched to my SNOW MAKES ME HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY shirt as it fits today perfectly. Also yesterday I had a call from the guy that is still looking for the lost cat that I posted a couple weeks ago. They still haven’t given up. It has a red collar and was last seen at the rest area between Frederic and grayling on the southbound side. A lot of sleds ride thru that way and they think it is hanging out with some other cats so if you see it or no where it is please let me know at sledheads. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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