It was 32 with a misty drizzle in the air when I left home this morning so you can imagine what that is doing to the snow that we do have. The trailer survey this morning was 2 at the Days Inn and 10 at the Ramada with one of them at the front in the lobby checking out and going home. I also learned yesterday that the OSSA has canceled their Ride In for next weekend and of course the weather forcast doesn’t look like much will be happening weather wise till maybe Friday. Still even with all of this weird weather there were quite a few sleds buzzing around Frederic and the same story from riders I talk to, snow is better north and west of here. Just to let you know that updates for the next few days may be limited from me. I am heading out tonight on a trip and will update on the road if I can and post some video clips on the sledheads facebook page too. Follow along if you need some entertainment and as a hint there will be some sledding involved in it for me. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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