Misty saturday morning

Its a misty Saturday morning in Frederic at about 37 degrees right now. Yesterday successlfully slid by me without me getting on here but believe me if there was anything exciting to tell on the snowmobile front I would be on here. I am making a few signs for outside today including a new one for the display outside with the wrecked sled in it. I was reviewing the fatality statistics for last season and the good thing about it was that there were only 14 deaths. I  attribute that to the fact that there was so much snow that it had people spread out so the trails weren’t as busy. The season before that there were 23 deaths. Of the 14 last year ages ranged from 19 to 67 and they were all men. Keep that mind when the time comes to ride. On a brighter note I am putting a picture below of me from 35 years ago when I first had my real estate license. I actually had hair then and a few less pounds then. I still tell people that I am still that skinny little guy but I a just in here further. Thanks for checking in and Please Ride Safely. Pete

12-11-14 Pete Kocefas 35 years

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