Misty, Dark, Dreary & Warm

Misty, Dark, Dreary and warm sums today up pretty well. I just got to Frederic about noon after spending the morning carpet cleaning at one of my rental houses and next door to that place there were guys doing a late December roofing job. In town cement crews were busy pouring 60 yards of concrete for the new restaurant behind Old Ausable Fly shop. Just like nice fall weather out there and tomorrow we are heading for record highs…..Really nice, I see we are closing in on the 2 million mark on the web counter. TV 7 & 4 from Traverse City stopped in yesterday for a story on the no snow situation. It seems like I have done several of those stories like that over the years. Here is a link to the story they ran last night on the news. http://upnorthlive.com/news/local/less-snow-means-less-snowmobile-business   Thanks for checking in. Pete

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