minus 8 degrees this morning

Another nice cold and crunchy morning, only a slight dusting of new snow over night. I would say snow depths start at about 6 inches in grayling to 8 to 12 in frederic and then more as you go north and west. I went for a 70 mile ride yesterday, leaving my house and heading west, out past the mountain mans camp and then up to starvation lake and to mancelona where i got gas and had a nice warming hot chocoatle at the gas station. I reallly wanted to do the jordan valley loop but just didnt have time to make it up there and back in time to get to my daughters basketball game. Back to riding safelty and how fast things can happen I was on a nice 2 track that no one had been on somewhere near mancelona and wasnt moving to fast maybe 10 or 15 and there was about a 3 or 4 inch tree leaning towards me like a spear, I was going slow past it and there must have been a rut underneath that sucked me right towards that spear, I got my right hand up quick enough to grab and move it about an armslength from my open shield and I belive that if I hadnt moved it that it would have gone inside my open shield getting me in the face or eye….that would not have been pretty…..luckily it all worked out. You just never know what can happen out there. Trails were nice that I was on and the untouched 2 tracks were even better. No trailers at the Days Inn this morning but 6 at the Ramada. I would imagine it will start filling up tonight. Also here is a easier t shirt contest to win. You know what happened on the 100,000th hit where I had multiple winners. Whoever shows me the 200,000th picture of their screen gets a Sledheads Sweatshirt and its whoever gets me the picture first as that will be the winner on that one. Also for those of you that do facebook check ins if you make it up here please do a check in for sledheads or I think you can do it on google places too……Thanks for checcking in. Pete

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