Minus 28 degrees this morning I Like It!!

Minus 28 degrees this morning I Like It!! and that was on the outskirts of Grayling, I only had about minus 12 at Lake Margrethe, the bad thing about that is that its to cold to snow and the weather forcast for this coming week doesn’t show much snow at all. The really bad part is its predicting 39 for Saturday and above 32 for sunday and Monday. I am just hoping they are wrong and that the forcast will change. There have been four sleds in so far this morning. The one couple Matt & Debbie are the same two that were in with their son the other day. They are from Romeo and they went back home and decided to come back and ride again and they are braving the cold this morning. And a message to one armed Cal out there, Matt is your new competition. The grayling to lovells trail got a light cut groom to it yesterday and the guys that were just in said the trail from Gaylord to Waters was excellent just now. The port a potty truck was just here and brought me another new one with a good door on it today so that will give everyone a bit more privacy instead of the open door program. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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