Minus 13 degrees but sunny?

A nice minus 13 degrees this morning with a nice bright sun. Even though our trails and snow are great we really could use some new snow to freshen things up as its getting well worn. Sled traffic was pretty busy here in Frederic yesterday. So far only people in cars have been in and no sleds although I have heard a couple of sleds off in the distance. So first a couple things I forgot yesterday, Most importantly it was my Cathys birthday yesterday and although I didn’t forget to celebrate it with her I did forget to mention it here yesterday, we went to Gaylord to the Bearded Dog for dinner last night and that was our first visit to that place, its right off the trail so if you are up there try it out, very good. Also The Big E was here from Ohio the other day and missed me while I was out riding but he had his crew with him so sorry I missed you guys and thanks for the note. Trailer counts this morning were 27 at the Ramada and 4 at the Days Inn. Thanks for checking in. Pete , below is a picture of the thermometer outside when I got here this morning.


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