Merry Christmas to all from Lake Margrethe

Merry Christmas morning from our Sledheads family yours from Lake Margrethe. Its a little icy out there this morning. Suprisingly the trails have held up pretty good from the past few days of thirties and luckily its been cloudy with no sun. The biggest obstacle to overcome and see if we get any decent riding this coming week is if we get what is predicted for tonight which is a lot of rain that makes us a thick layer of ice. After tonight its supposed to cool back down and depending on what we get on the ground it should help out our base. There were some sleds out and about in Frederic yesterday but it was pretty quiet for the most part. I only stayed there till about 2. I am planning on staying home all day and going to enjoy some Christmas movies. The picture below reminded me of the old Swamp Bar in its hey days. I remember Cathys grandpa telling me about going to the swamp by horse years ago before paved roads and buying the piano player drinks all night long. I wonder if you could get a dui on a horse…….Also a shout out to Richard & Linda who are down in Texas right now and my friend Frank Addington down in San Antonio. img_3065img_3064

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