Merry Christmas Honey, I’m going riding

You kiss your wife and kids good bye and your very excited to go north and ride. The first big snow of the season has arrived and you cant wait to try out your new sled. Just a few hours later your out on the trail squeezing the throttle most likely thinking you shouldnt be hitting it that hard. In the next instant you are DEAD. Laying crumpled broken and instantly dead after flying up and hitting a tree 15 feet off the ground. Merry Christmas Honey, I don’t think so. What should have been a happy and joyous week has turned to tradgedy for a michigan family as this really happened saturday out on the back side of Camp Grayling. You think its to shocking me writing this, Good because I want everyone to remember this everytime you ride or leave to go ride. It’s to late for this rider and his family but if this can help one person think before they squeeze the throttle it might save their life. Up until now there have been no deaths this season. Unfortunately the count has started. Last year 16 died on their sleds. Its always one or 2 factors as I have studied accident statistics for alot of years now. Flat out Speed Kills and if you add alcohol to that you know what happens. Is it all really worth it? When the news story comes out on the identity of the rider I will post it. God Bless him and his family. It’s to bad these things have to happen.

Thanks for checking in and Please Remember to ride Safely. Pete

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