Memorial Day 2016

Well here it is for this year, Memorial Day 2016, time to remember our veterans as every day should be. Each year like I have for many I go to the cemetery here in Grayling for the Memorial Day service. Always good to see the many veterans and people come out for that. Grayling and Frederic have been busy and buzzing with people that are up north to open up their cottages or are out riding atvs or motorcycles. Below are a couple pictures I have taken in the past couple of days in Frederic. I have seen a lot of atvs and side by sides along with a lot of motorcycles but still haven’t seen any horses in town yet.  We took a ride to Lewiston yesterday and there was a lot of atv traffic their including to DNR officers I saw riding atvs on the trails there. I haven’t ever seen that in Frederic. So hopefully we will hit the lake today as I do have the pontoon ready to go in but its been pretty windy with big waves the past couple of days. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Happy-Memorial-Day-2016-Wallpaper-1 IMG_1314 IMG_1315 IMG_1329


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