Memorial Day 2013

Its been a couple weeks since I have been on here, mushroom season is winding down, last weekend we camped out in the woods for a weekend of mushrooming and found a couple hundred, this weekend we went back on saturday and found 40 but they were white ones and they were pretty darn tasty as I have never had those before….I have been running around as usual around the state, been to kzoo a couple times to visit my mom and take Melissa around to colleges for summer classes, that kid just doesnt hold still. Nothing to new or exciting going on in frederic but my yard at sledheads is being invaded by moles, there are 12 holes in a row out front, if I catch the little guy I am gonna try my hand at bowhunting a mole, I dont think you need a license for that. 612 west is being repaved which is a great thing. Today being Memorial Day I will attend the service at the cemetary as I do each year. Also yesterfday I ran ¬†into George at 7 11who is a WWII Veteran. I whipped my phone out and got a short video of him in the store but tried again when we went out to his car where he was showing me his dog tags that he keeps on his car ring. He is always proud to talk of his days in the service, in 1943 he was 30 years old, he is now 101 and a half, and still drives, fishes, and works and he is as sharp as ever.¬†Grayling also has another treasure of Harvey who too is a WWII Veteran and is around 94. He is a survivor of Pear Harbor and I know there cant be to many of them left. Hats off to both of those great grayling men. Below I am going to post a couple mushroom pics along with a picture of George and I from yesterday morning. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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