Lucky are the Few this morning

Lucky are the few this morning that get to be the first riders out in this nice new fresh 7 inches of snow we have here in Frederic. Last night the snow started and it was a nice heavy wet system snow.and then it kept coming. We had only about 4 new inches at Lake Margrethe and I am hearing of 10 to 12 up by starvation lake. This should help make a good weekend for us as the temps are supposed to stay cool. Here is a video clip I took of the trail crossing north of the high school this morning.    So keep up some big old MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH’s so we can get some more snow. In retrospect though my trip to Cheboygan yesterday was a day early. While the trails looked white and incredible there what I didn’t know was that Cheboygan schools were closed yesterday morning because it had rained really hard the night before, then it got cold and froze up the trail that was there. If I would have been riding one of my fan cooled sleds it would have been great but my turbo was getting hot because it didn’t get enough snow on the heat exchangers to keep it cool, so it took me 3 and a half hours to go only 30 miles, I went and looked at the tree line to Bois Blanc Island and there was no way in the world I was going to ride out there , the trees went out as far as you could see but it looked like they lead out to open water. Here are some clips from my ride yesterday.   Lets hope this snow keeps coming. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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