Lots of Sleds around

Its all the way up to 2 p.m. on sunday and this is the first time I have had a chance to get on here. There have been riders in here steady since I got here at 9. Trailer counts this morning at the Ramada were 34 there and 6 at the Days Inn. If there weren’t riders here on Friday they showed up yesterday. This has been the busiest weekend so far of this years sledding season. Even though there are a lot of riders that have said the trails seem quiet. I think that because there is so much snow everywhere that is spreading everyone out. Even my brother in kzoo says he has been riding to areas around there that he has never been too. Riders are reporting really decent trails this  morning in all areas including the Gaylord trails which were freshly groomed. So the story of the weekend is a guy who is a regular that called to reserve a sled and called Friday night to say he wouldn’t be in till Saturday morning, then he called Saturday morning to say he was running late and would be here at noon. Then he called me at noon and said he couldn’t take the sled. Well I have heard many different stories over the years but this was a new one. He called and said he just got to his cabin which is  only  a couple miles from sledheads and he pulled in and his cabin was gone. It was totally burned to the ground and even the fire department didn’t know about it. It didn’t just happen either because it was all covered with snow and only part of the front deck was left….so not a good weekend for him. So that’s it for the sledding news, but today I am celebrating my 57th birthday along with my best birthday present ever and that would be my daughter Melissa who was born on my 36th birthday 21 years ago tonight…. So Happy Birthday to Melissa and me too…Thanks for checking in. Pete

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