Lots of Riders,,,,,,,…..

I got into frederic at 8 this morning and its been steady for the whole time…..Lots of riders and people in and alot of people with their own uniqe set of riding troubles, Loose bolts, blown pistons, bad drive bearings, carbides but everyone is in a good mood. We had about an inch or little more of lake effect snow overnight. Trailer counts this morning were the highest so far this year with only 5 at Days Inn but 53 at the Ramada and I only counted sled trailers as there were alot of car trailers there with the jeeps on them. I forgot to mention that the Alabama boys were in on thursday, they had left alabama at 1 on wednesday afternoon and rolled into grayling about 7 in the morning…they are heading back home sunday and will be back on wednesday…they are true road warriors. I went over to Kalkaska yesterday afternoon with Tony to pick up his 2 new skidoos at the dealer there and we brought them back here and they are here for sale. We have 2012 MXZ 600 etec and a 2012 MXZ 550 Fan cooled on a new triton trailer, zero miles and ready to go…$15,000 for the pac101_1725 101_1722 101_1723 101_1724kage. Pictures below. Also you know it gets very busy in here at times and I have never really had trouble with anybody taking anythig from here and I always try to keep an eye on things. I had just put a polaris snow flap out yesterday and noticed this mornign it was gone. I see the culprit that took it on my camera and if I see him back in here I will confront him on it and have him sent downtown. I saved the video in case he comes back in here….I find it hard to believe that the fool actually did that…Yesterday when I dropped Tony off I left his houseĀ  and came back out to the road which is acutally the sled trail too and I looked to the right and there was a guy laying in the middle of the road next to a sled, I got up to him and he was laying there hurting. Him and his buddy had been going fast thru there and hit ice and both spun out. He finally got up and was hurting but we looked for his phone and found it and they were off. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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