Looks like spring has made it

Finally the ice is gone from the lake and people are putting in boats and docks. I took a few pics down at shore this morning and most of the snow and ice that was piled up around the hoists last week. I see the one hoist is pretty bent up from the ice pushing on it. Pics below are from this morning. We went on our first camping excursion of the year this weekend to the state park in traverse city.and I picked the campsite we had just cause it still had a little snow on it.Just a little pile but I liked it.┬áIt sure was a nice weekend. I had not fired up the water in there yet this year but did when we got there only to hear streaming water under the trailer…..so we just dealt with no water in the camper for the weekend but we were close to the bathrooms anyways. I have had that camper 4 winters now and always thought I knew how to winterize it right…We did alot of bicycle riding and it was great weather and I pretty much laid in my hammock and read my Duck Dynasty book. When we got back home first thing I did was take the waterlines apart and I found the leak. Not caused by me but caused by a mouse that decided to chew thru the water line….pretty easy fix but I would love to find that little guy. Still signs of snow in certain parts of the woods but its going fast now. STill hoping the mushrooms will be popping out. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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