Looks like its going to be another week

It looks like its going to be another week  until we get some snow. Its 23 out this morning at Lake Margrethe and there isn’t much more than that to say. On the bright side I did talk to Don at the Fox River Motel in Seney up in dah u.p. yesterday. He said they had run their groomers both on Monday and Wednesday and they did groom all of their trails. I have also seen pictures of people riding into Grand Marais. Of course more snow wouldn’t hurt but riding is possible up there. I can make it to Seney in about 2 and a half hours from Frederic if I had my sled loaded on the trailer. To bad I still have to fix my shock which I am going to be on today. If you want to go north Don still had rooms available for this weekend. It wouldn’t hurt to call just to confirm conditions before you go. Fox River Motel is my favorite place in the u.p. to ride out of. Its only a half hour past Newberry and well worth the extra drive. Their phone number is 906) 499-3332. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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