Looks like a beautiful January morning

It looks like a beautiful January morning today. For those few lucky enough to be here and hit the trails this morning they are going to have a fantastic ride. Conditions are I would say very very good at this time but it is very sunny and I would imagine by 3 today that things will take a turn for the worse. When we get snow like this its a small window of opportunity and you have to do it while you can. There were 2 trailers at the parking lot just west of grayling and they were unloading. The one guy said that I was the reason he was here because he saw my video from yesterday on my ride to starvation lake. There were also 2 trailers at the Ramada this morning and as I came back home here this morning there were 2 sleds riding along the m 93 trail. We were supposed to leave for spring break yesterday but have been held up due to  the snow. Last I looked my short video from yesterday had been passed around alot and was up to over 30,000 hits. I would imagine that this will really be it after today. Thank you everyone that came into see me this winter and those that check in on here too. First picture below is from starvation lake yesterday and the other pics are from this morning. I had about a foot of snow on my truck as I brushed it off this morning. Pete

IMG_0614 IMG_0617 IMG_0618 IMG_0619

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