Lookin pretty messy

All the snow is gone off the roof of Sledheads, the parking lot is mostly ice and mud and puddles and by tonight I am sure alot more of it will be gone. The trails are just black muddy paths and its already at 43 degrees here. There is still alot of white in the woods but any of the snow I have walked in is like stepping in a slushy. Temps are supposed to drop tonight and stay below freezing the rest of the week. Now if we could only get some snow out of that. Apparently the power flashed or was off here while I was gone yesterday as my timers were off by about 15 minutes and now I cant get anything out of any of my cameras….boy that is becoming a pain. I made it back home about 5 last night and I think the most I could see on the highway all the way home was about a quarter mile and less.To bad there wasnt something better to say. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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