LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE! I have said that for many years and told my daughter when she got her license to always look twice and watch for motorcycles. In my over 20 years of attending bike rallies there are always fatal bike acccidents and most of the time its a car turning in front of a bike and the driver says they didn’t see them. Well it happened in grayling yesterday just west of the railroad tracks and a rider was killed by a van. This past fall after all these years I finally bought a bike and that is the part that I don’t like the most about riding is that I am always trying to look ahead and keep my radar on and trying to make sure it doesn’t happen to me. That part doesn’t make riding a lot of fun. I don’t know the circumstances of yesterdays crash but I will bet money that the driver is going to say he didn’t see him. M 72 was closed for almost 3 hours while they investigated the crash. So please think and watch out there. Now on to something a little more fun, I am coming at you this morning from the Best Western in Layton Utah, just south of Salt Lake City. Cathy and I came out here yesterday with her mom but we took the scenic route, we were supposed to go from Grand Rapids to Denver which we did but they were overbooked to Salt Lake and we took a voluntary bump and went for a ride. We ended up going from Denver to Sacremento to Phoneix and then to Salt Lake, we arrived here about 6 hours later then we were supposed to but they compensated us very well and now we have tickets to do another trip…..I like that part. So I am waiting for Cathy and her mom to get up and we are off to explore today. We are here so Grandma can visit with one of her Grandsons and also as a bounus a new baby arrived yesterday that we will go visit this morning. Thanks for checking in and remember LOOK TWICE!! Pete


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