light snow in the air

There is a light snow in the air and we had a slight dusting of new snow overnight. I have only seen a couple sleds so far this morning and yesterday was pretty quiet around town too. The cold continues to hold and help our base out so that is a good thing. I went out yesterday for the last day of bow season and shot at a deer which I did not get even with the help of my friends trying to track it down last night. I was back out there again this morning but couldnt find anything. Just before I shot last night I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and a big owl had landed on a tree about 15 feet from the deer. He was about 2 feet tall and was staring right at me. He stayed there after I shot at the deer and I tried to get my camera out and get a pic of him but he took off before I could. I have heard them out there before but never have seen one like that. So back to sledding, I expect things to be quiet around frederic today and I would guess riders will start coming back up starting tommorow afternoon. My good friend Josh sent me this picture last night of him after he got home from a fun weekend in frederic. Thanks Josh. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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