Light Snow and 16 degrees out

Light snow and 16 degrees in downtown Frederic. We didn’t have any new snowfall overnight and I still say the trails are very thin around here. I went and looked at the north end of town on trail 7 towards Gaylord and saw a lot of stones that have been churned up by sleds that have been on that trail. From the calls I have been getting it doesn’t matter what I say I think there are going to be quite a few sleds here this weekends. Snow is supposed to keep coming.  Someone emailed me yesterday and said they saw the Gaylord groomer out panning. I also know Seney in the u.p. is out panning and around Strongs its just locals riding with thin trails there too. Still North and West of  Frederic there is more snow. Jordan Valley trails had trees down and I know they have been working at getting those cleared out of the way. So it does look like things are going to improve but it just all takes time. I did finally put my plow on yesterday but just to move snow that the county plows had left by the driveway. The snow that is in my lot is still all the fluff so I want that packed down as hard as it can be. Only 2 sleds rode into here yesterday and are pictured below along with pics of the new garage signs I got in, so if you need a new garage, shop or yard sign I have them. Thanks for checking in. Pete



IMG_9671[1] IMG_9676[1]


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