Let the weekend begin

Let the weekend begin, no new snow overnight but everything seems to be rock hard and its 26 degrees out right now. Grayling trail crossings all had fresh groomer marks on them and looked great this morning. I went up to the corner to look north on trail seven and while it looked o.k. I didn’t see any fresh groomer marks on it. I have already seen many sleds this morning and trailer counts in grayling were 15 at the ramada and only 1 at the days inn. I just found out this morning that the OSSA ride actually happened here last weekend, this year they had planned on moving their ride to I think Pennsyvannnia or maybe new York but no snow there brought them back to grayling. Thank You OSSA for taking another ride around our area. I missed Gary when he stopped in last weekend. I understand there is an easter seals ride riding out of the Ramada this weekend. There is supposed to be a  little bit of snowfall each day but a clipper coming thru on Monday, why does that always happen after the weekend is over. Below is a picture that I finally got last week sometime and the first one to come in with their sleds and the minion. That took a while before someone got that to me. They are supposed to stop in to get a t shirt but haven’t seen them yet. I have to say I was shocked this morning when I saw the online death statistics for this riding season, I thought we at 9 and it is at 14 including one that happened near Gaylord on trail 7, I never even heard about that one, here is the link to the statistics, 2015-16 season snowmobile deaths    Thanks for checking in. Pete


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