Less than one month till the trails open

A10 Flyover at Grayling McDonalds
Well I have missed a couple days here, coming at you today from chilly downtown frederic. There was a light snow on my truck this morning and I saw several cars around town with snow on them. Less than a month till the trails open….somehow I doubt we will have rideable snow then but it sure would be nice. Tonight is the opening of the Novi Snow Show that runs thru Sunday. I have never been to it since its move to the new facility. I did have a note from Denny Garna from the Potawamini Snowmobilers in Angola Indiana that he and his gang were heading there as usual. My friend Bob the Sticker King should be there so if you see him, call him Pete…..people always say we look alike except I say he is a bit chubbier than me. I would like to hear your feedback on what you think of the show too.
I got home from Bois Blanc Island last night about 8. I dont know how the time flies by so fast up there when I am mostly just setting in the woods. There are 5 kids that live there and they really get to clean up for trick or treating. This coming winter there will be 54 living there in isolation once they cant move off there anymore. There is just something that keeps drawing me there.
So thats about it for now. Also took this short video clip today in McDonalds parking lot in Grayling. It makes me proud to live in Grayling to see things like this. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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