Less than a month

Less than a month to go till the trails open up. I actually had a guy come in today to order a track so people are starting to think snow. The Snow Show in Novi is going on this coming weekend too. I know a lot of riders go there and I haven’t been to it in years. The last time I was there they were still at the old location. If any of you run into my chubby buddy Bob the Sticker King be sure to call him Pete and give him a hard time. I had a note from Denny & Garna Jones who are planning on heading to the show. Maybe some year I will make it down there again. Nothing else exciting in Frederic, I just returned last night from a road trip out west to Denver. Drove a car out to my daughter and flew back. It was 80 in Denver so I don’t think they will have snow soon. Went for a bicycle tour downtown there and a visit to the mint to see where they make all the coins. Made it back this morning in time for our weekly sales meeting at Century 21 so this is where I throw a plug in for anybody looking to buy or sell to give me  a call. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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