Less than 6 months till the trails open

Well here we are into June and that makes it less that 6 months till the trails open. Can we top this past winter. I sure hope so. Sure would love to see it start in December and end at the end of March again. Not to much excitng going on around frederic. My piegons dissapeared and now it seems like my newest pets are ground moles which keep digging up my yard. Today is the third and that means its payday for the mountain man. He usually gives me a call, last time he called he had moved but was in the same general area as he was all winter but just back in further. My new nickname of the week is the Turtle Man, I rescued 2 turtles in 2 days that were in the road. One was downtown on the business loop by the river and he had made it 3/4 of the way across the road, I stopped and waived cars on till I could get him picked up and moved him down to the river, then the next day I was up by mount frederic and there was another one that I moved off the road and his picture is below. Cathy has a nephew that lives in Moore Oaklahoma and we were hoping they made it thru the tornado o.k. and they did. Their house only had a little damage but their nieghbors house was destroyed. That is some scary stuff. Well I am here in frederic still tongiht so I am heading off for home….Thanks for checking in. Pete

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