Kinda like sunday morning out there

Its 19 degrees out and very quiet and still once again. Hardly anyone milling around in grayling and trailer count at days inn was 0 with 5 at the Ramada. I saw a couple trailers pulling into town and have had a couple people in frederic this morning. I think people will start heading north and things will pick up. I did hear a few sleds zipping around yesterday and saw on the camera that there was a truck and trailer parked out on the side lot yesterday so they must have been out riding. I talked to Keith this morning and he said the lovells trail is good and that he figured it might still take them 5 more days to get all the trees taken care of. I saw that one person posted that they rode all the way to Mackinaw and had a good ride so that is encouraging. Thats about all for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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