Keep it coming

Its almpost 11 and we are up to about 4 inches here in frederic, a nice packy snow so thats a great base starter. Its snowing hard and things are supposed to keep coming till 7 on friday night, but wait, the world is supposed to end tommorow so at least we will go out with a nice big storm….did a short video out front and I wil update later this afternoon again.┬áHavent seen any sleds yet but I bet I will before the day is over. Kenny was outside the Frederic Inn shoveling when I got here and Bob was across the street plowing the parking lot at the Swamp. Me on the other hand I would rather pack the snow down and build a base until I really need to plow but I am ready. The beagle was enjoying the snow running around out there. I see the counter is almost to 100 thousand on this new format so if you are the 100,000th hit on the counter and send me a picture of it you win a new Sledheads t shirt of your choice and just to make it fair if you dont make the 100,000th pic to send me whoever is closest gets a shirt. Here is the video

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