Just like winter should be

Just like winter should be, with snowing and blowing all day on Saturday, very blustery and lots of sleds coming every direction possible. The cold and wind didn’t seem to bother anyone but there was a big demand for gauntlets which we didn’t have any of. I tried to order them this week and my suppliers were out. Its about zero out this morning but only an inch or so of new snow overnight. No trailer counts this morning as I am in Kalamazoo. Left Frederic yesterday afternoon and drove down here thru lansing as I figured it would be best to stay as far from lake Michigan as possible. Took my daughter out for a night on the town with my brother as our chauffer and heading off to an archery show this morning along with visiting my mom and dinner with her this afternoon plus I brought a sled with me and hope to get a ride in on the Kal Haven trail too. I am pasting a picture below of the Michigan State Police Train that was thru yesterday. Thanks for checking in. Pete

train police

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