Just like February

Its just like February, I cant believe the snow we have. I was out plowing at 5:30 this morning and this is the third day in a row I have had to plow everything. Its now past noon and sleds have been rolling thru Frederic. There were 2 guys in yesterday that had done the run to the bridge and they said that was decent. Its now past noon and have been trying to get this done. A few pics from today, look at the drifts on my carport roof and my trailer, the gas station with a bunch of sleds at it , and the best pic of my favorite WWII veteran Woody and his friend Wilma from Waloon Lake. He stopped in to deliver my tip of the mit maps to me yesterday. He is still going strong at about 92 years and is going in for a hip replacement tomorrow. I told him I woud take him riding after he gets his new hip. Thanks for checking in. Pete img_2985 img_2988 img_3007 img_3008

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