Just Hanging out

Just been hanging out today, its all the way up to sunday afternoon. This morning started out rough but I will start at yesterday. We took off and had an incredible day of riding four wheelers. We ;put some miles on and rode up some pretty steep mountains, crossed some fast rivers and rode some snow that was still on the river beds and to top that off it was 80 degrees out. Yes I said 80 degrees. Just breath taking views when you are up there like that. We got back just in time to go over to a friend of Dougs who was having a cook out and birthday party for Tony. And of course the cook out were some nice big juicy steaks. I have been eating pretty good here. After that we came back and rode the 4 wheelers a couple blocks up to the Totem Inn at the corner. That was the Saturday nightlife in Healy, they have a what is commonly known as a mechanical bull there but this is Alaska and they have a mechanical Grizzly Bear, try and ride that. Doug left before me and I rode a different trail back, and I shouldn’t have as there was a mud hole there that pretty much swallowed my machine and of course with me trying to get out I fell into the mud too….not a pretty picture. So I walked back home and first thing this morning Tony and I went back up there with the other four wheeler which had a winch on it. Well guess what we got that one stuck too and had to use the winch to pull itself out and then get my machine out. The rest of the morning was spent power washing the machines and I even power washed all my clothes off to get the mud off them so I could put them in the washing machine. So that’s the excitement for now. Just a low key day today so I might lay off updates for a day or so. Thanks for checking in. Pete



100_4053 100_4054 100_4057 100_4060 100_4062 100_4065 100_4067 100_4073

took this pic at 11:05 at night

took this pic at 11:05 at night

100_4082 100_4083

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