Just another day

Just another day in Frederic, I actually got here just before 10 and its now 1. With only a few new snowflakes on my windshield overnight I figured there was no need to hurry here. When I did get here I turned on the tv and thought I would look at net flix where I discovered the movie Mr Beans Holiday. I thought I could use a good laugh so instead of doing an update or other work I had here to do I watched the movie, and yes it gave me a good laugh and not one person or phone call during the whole movie. Boy is it dead here in Frederic. Who knows how long this wait will be. Two people were just in and they said they have all their sleds outside of their pole barn so their gang can gather in the barn. One other thing I did this morning before I came here was drive thru the Ramada Inn parking lot just to see how few cars were there. About 6 cars total and a McDonalds semi. I haven’t been thru there in ages but I have to say I was shocked to see that they have taken all the outside doors to the rooms and boarded them up. Not sure what the story is on that but I have to believe that its not going to set well with sledders that come there to stay. The only way to access the rooms now is to haul your gear down the inside halls. I know people would like to park their sleds outside their door both to keep an eye on their sleds and to warm them up and it seems like this is going to be very discouraging thing to people. Then again at the rate we are getting snow we wont have to worry about that anyways. I hear and read that the riding that is happeneing is in Munising to Grand Marais….Thanks for checking in. Pete

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