just another day

Its just another day in Frederic, sunny and cold. Still the weatherman is saying snow for the rest of the week along with cold too, so that is good. I only saw a few sleds around Frederic yesterday. There were only 2 sets of riders that stopped into here. Trails are still holding well thanks to the cold. I stopped down at my storage units this morning and ran around with the plow and was surprised that it seemed like there was a couple inches of new snow since I plowed last. Not sure where that came from seeing that its only a half a mile from my shop. The other day when I posted about all the people that I had not seen or heard from in a  long time prompted a call to me from Illinois Mike. He told me about 4 or 5 years ago he was riding in the u.p. and his ski caught a stump on the side of the trail and thru him and he broke his back. Thankfully he can walk but his riding days are done. Cant believe its been that long and that I didn’t know that. Also the Snow Bunny and B.A. Mike (aka hard of hearing Mike) have been silent this year but I heard they had their sleds up for sale. Also another blast from the past Slow Sled Dave is still out their reading too. So it seems even if people get out of riding they still check in here to see what I have to blab about. I am putting picture below here that someone sent me. Its a crash but I don’t know where it happened but also wonder how it happened. Thanks for checking in. Pete

sled on car


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