Its snowing a bit in Frederic

Its been snowing on and off here in Frederic this morning, nothing that is going to stick and we had the mother of all rains last night which really put some big new lakes out there in places. Not a thing else exciting going on around town. Still a lot of ice on Lake Margrethe but it is starting to open up a bit. Still just getting caught up on being gone so long before I head out on my next adventure…..I am pasting a picture that was taken in a driveway in Grayling just the other day, you just never know what you might see. Also here is a link to video I took down at the lake the other night just as the sun was setting. When the sun touches the horizon it only takes a few minutes to go down all the way. That was a nice one that night. Not as good in the video as real life but not to bad either.


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