Its not looking any better

Its not looking any better, right now its sunny and 18 out with wet roads. The weather forcast is still not calling for any kind of decent snow and warm temps again for this coming weekend. Not exactly what I want to be typing here. I did see a few sleds yesterday but am still amazed that anyone was riding on it but on the other hand I also saw the grayling groomer come thru town here. I guess they were out trying to pull the piled up corners into the trails…I am going to post some pics below that a guy gave me of a HUGE TRAIL HAZARD UP near Charlievoix. Its on the trail from east Jordan to Charlevoix maybe five miles out of east Jordan. This property owner has a ditch dug right next to the trail, it is about 2 feet wide and 4 feet deep and about 900 feet long and there have been people that have been in it. It is marked only by small reflectors and is extremely dangerous so if you ride up that way keep your eyes open. Also a death on the trail from Indian River to Cheboygan this past weekend and as usual the main factor was speed and alchohol and 2:15 a.m. in the morning. That makes the death count only at 2 so far. Please ride safely. I heard from the Pennsylvania boys yesterday and they are chomping to come to Michigan to ride but they are waiting for the word that it is time. I also heard about Jim Wolf who is the Pennsylvania snowmobiler of the year and only 80 years young. He is planning on coming back for his second trip to Michigan soon. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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