It’s Here!! The 2015-2016 Sled Season

It’s here, finallyl the 2015-2016 snowmobile season! That’s the good part, now the bad part, it looks like the wait is on for snow. This morning its 33 degrees and calm out here at Lake Margarethe. The weather prediction thru next Monday is 40s everyday. However schools in Gaylord & Lewiston are closed today due to slick roads. Time to wish for colder weather and to do some heavy duty snow chants. I am going to have to get used to getting back on here every day. On Friday I went up to Gaylord and checked out the new Mega Powersports building there. They had a radio broadcast there with the local radio station and I have been meaning to go see the place. Jason did a great job with his new facility there and they had lots of new arctic cat sleds in there for sale. I saw just what I would like to have but I was just a little short on funds. The new building is right next door to where their old building was so that still puts all the sled places in Gaylord right in a row. The other dilemma that I see coming this winter is about trail permits. I am always happy to tell people that I have the “good” trail permits. Last winter I had several complaints from people that their permits blew off their machines and didn’t stick well.  Last Tuesday I got in my first batch of “good” permits and as usual Bruce was first to get his permits. He bought 8 of them and then within and hour he called me and said there was no sticky on the back of them. They wouldn’t even stick to his fingers. I have a phone call in about that situation. I would suggest that if you buy those style stickers to make sure they are stuck on well or put clear tape over them or take a picture of it applied to your sled with your phone so you have proof if you happen to get stopped. (if we ever get snow). Its pretty hard to convince the sheriff or dnr that you had a permit. I will keep you posted on this ordeal. Also I see we are only about 56,000 hits away from the 2 million mark on my hit counter. I will have to come up with something for the person that hits that mark. This is the start of season number 19 for Sledheads of Frederic, boy that time has flown by. When I first bought the building it seemed like Frederic was blessed with tons of snow. I sure would like to see that this year. Unfortunatley since that time it seems like we have had way more snowless winters than snowy winters. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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