Its Hell Week!!

Its now officially hell week……This week between Christmas and new years used to be called hell week because the tourist industry in northern Michigan would be so busy. GM, Ford and Chrysler workers had the week off and would come north and of course those workers are pretty much non existent now. Now it will be hell week because there will be no business. Grayling was like a ghost town this morning with frost on the ground at about 22 degrees. Supposed to be about 39 today. For the heck of it I went to do my first motel survey of the season, There were about 8 tree clearing trucks along with 9 cars at the days inn and about 25 cars at the Ramada. No sled trailers in sight. Earlier in the morning downtown grayling was lined with tree trucks as they are still out trying to get power back in some areas. The weather forcast for the next week still doesn’t look favorable as still a lot of upper 30s predicted. I did go for a bicycle ride the other day and that was nice. I am thinking for new years eve of opening up my camper and having a nice big campfire. For many years we used to go riding sleds on new years eve…….Below is a picture I took down at the lake shore as I left home, The moon was high up in the sky and you could see the refection of it in the water. I thought it looked pretty cool. Santa came by our house and we had a nice day and gathering. This is our first year without Melissa home as she is off to Germany so that was an empty spot for us.  Big John Morin just stopped in. I hadn’t seen him since we were in Sturgis at the rally this summer. He to like everyone else and is waiting for snow. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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