Its gonna be another warm one

Its gonna be another warm one as the snow continues to leave us. I did hear one sled blasting thru Frederic yesterday as I sat here in my office and later on in the day there were 2 sleds over at the Swamp and at the same time there were 2 more over in front of the Frederic Inn. I had the port a potty picked up yesterday as I don’t think we will need that out there anymore this season. I am still hauling buckets of water from home to flush my toilet in the shop here as the water will probably be frozen till about May again like it was last year. It never thawed out till after I was back from my Alaska trip. I suppose this is a good time to remind you that I bought the storage units a half mile south of Sledheads last fall so if you need or know anyone that needs to store things give me a  call. Below is a picture of the sunset over the still snow covered and frozen Lake Margrethe along with pics of Sledheads Storage…Thanks for checking in. Pete

lake margrethe sunset photo 2 photo 3 photo 5

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