Its gonna be a great weekend to ride

Its going to be a great weekend to ride as temp this morning is 21 degrees and that makes for a comfy ride. Sled traffic really picked up here in Frederic yesterday with quite a few groups stopping in here. So I would think that should continue and trails of course are in excellent conditions. Also just got in a whole new batch of hoodies and regular sweatshirts along with long sleeve t’s. We were running low from the first run and this time I did pink hoodies for the women too. I have been forgetting to post that the Darkside Adventures ride is going on up in Canada, not really any updates from the guys but they are there and having a good ride, you can see their route if you check out their site at   On the other hand tonight there is a grayling chamber of commerece  awards night where they announce citizen of the year and they have another category called “you made it happen” which somehow I was nominated too. I sure don’t know what I made happen so it will be interesting to hear.  So that’s about it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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