Its gonna be a busy weekend,

I am surprised at the amount of old Regulars that have been in already this morning, it has warmed up a little to a comfy 11 degrees and there was a new light snow overnight. While the trails are nice and white all the way north the snow is only maybe 4 inches around grayling but it gets better as you come north with 8 to 12 inches in frederic. Trailer counts this morning were 1 at the Days Inn and 16 at the Ramada with 2 more trailers with jeeps on them for those that are to wimpy to ride a sled. I have seen and heard from alot of regulars this morning, Todd & Kevin Mickens from Indy were in, Carl Marshall who is once again parked out back and is the one repsonsible for me saying I have only had trouble out back once….thats cause 2 of his sleds were stolen from there but the guy was dumb enough to be caught by my cameras and went to jail so we fixed that. The Indiana Snowmobile Association is here for their annual ride. Corey Crook here in frederic has his whole cabin full of riders for their big weekend of the season with about 30 sleds there. I saw Ohio Mike the chosen one and Bad Leg Barry in grayling this morning and Hard of Hearing Mike is up in Paradise with his snow bunny Sandi but they are coming back down here to ride tonight. I am putting a picture below of a sled from last sunday morning on the trail just north of the M 72 parking lot near Terrys Sport Center. That happened first thing in the morning and then not long after that just up the trail there was a sled accident where a guy lost control and hit a tree and had some very serious injuries. I talked to some riders that had come up on it but they didnt know how the guy was. Also had a call yesterday from the Mountain Man and he said 4 riders had just left his camp and had stopped in for pictures…..if you happen to see him maybe drop him a snack or a sandwhich. I left him a foot long subway when I was there the other day, I left it hanging outside of his cooler and he said he enjoyed that. He told me he had scraped up enough to go get a dozen eggs which is why I missed him the other day.The Darkside Adventures guys are off for their trip this morning and their ride starts tommorow, be sure to follow them on their 2000 mile 17 day trip thru Quebec and New Brunswick. Here is a link to their live tracking to see where they are right now  and the next link is to their website

sled fire blue bearThanks for checking in. Pete

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