Its gonna be a bright bright sunshiny day

Its shiny and bright this morning at Lake Margrethe where the lake is still covered with ice and its about 30 degrees out there and there is still a fine layer of lake effect snow on my truck that fell last night. I think yesterday was the day to ride, the snow was so perfect with only a few inches of new stuff everywhere it was such a thick heavy snow that when you rode on it your track or skis didnt go thru to the ground. I took off from Sledheads about noon and headed up to starvation lake. When I was there they said I was the sixth sled in so far. I never passed any sleds yesterday but did pass tracks. On the way back from starvation lake I took the 79 trail to the 7, so what I covered was most of the blue bear trail and loop. The ride was good but on the 7 trail a truck had gone down it and tore it up and that was the only dirt I saw on the trails. For the most part it was a great 55 mile ride on April 13, 2013. After I got back to the shop there had been no new tracks in the drive but shortly after I got back the first and only 2 sleds of the day pulled up. It was Gary Aldrich (i think thats how to spell his last name) and his son Tom. They said they were going to end up at about 100 miles for yesterday and the best thing was that Tom was celebrating his birthday by riding his sled and having a great time with his Dad. All the pics below here I took yesterday and the one with the 2 guys in it is Gary & Tom. Not sure if this is the end yet or not but it will be fun to find out. The pic of my sled by the log house was when I stopped to visit Francis Hummel at his place…he was working instead of riding…..The picture of the scarred tree is on trail 79, near marker 79-6. In the picture you see the closest tree looks like it has been hit recently as the marks are fresh. For those of you that have been in the shop I have pictures of fatal sled wrecks as you walk in. This tree with the scars on it was the one  a guy from kalkaska hit and was killed in 2004. The tree directly behind it to the left is the tree that the 19 year old college student hit and was killed in 2003 and that is the sled I have on display out front of the shop. I did not hear of an accident here this winter but it looks like someone else did hit it. Thanks for checking in. Pete

100_2362 100_2363 100_2364 100_2365 100_2369 100_2371 100_2372 100_2373

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