Its cooling down

Nights have been getting cooler, labor day weekend was a zoo around Frederic with 4 wheelers and atvs, everyone having a good time, nothing to new or exciting going on. The most exciting thing that has come up in the past couple of weeks is that Ma Deeters in Luzerne is now open in their new building. We haven’t been there to eat yet as I hear the lines have been long. It will be great for all the snowmobilers this coming winter to have that stop back on the trail. This coming weekend is the Firemens Memorial in Roscommon, I had trouble trying to make up my mind on weather or not I was going to do it this year. Well I figure one more time wont hurt, I have been going to it for about 25 years. Other than that I don’t have to much to say. Thanks for checking in and Think Snow. Pete

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