Its cold again…finally

19 degrees here in frederic this morning with light snow in the air and the ground is all white. To bad that the white is only about a half inch of fluffy lake effect snow. I talked to my friends from blue lake this morning up near starvation lake and they said they had about 2 inches up there. lakes are very dangerous right now with the warmth from this past weekend and I heard there are 2 shanties that went thru on Lake Margrethe so stay away from all water if we happen to get enough snow to ride by this weekend. We are supposed to get snow each day this week excpet for one day but I doubt if it will be good riding conditions by this coming weekend. One thing I would like to point out here on my home page is that you can go down to the bottom right hand corner on the page and sign up for an auto email when I update this. For those of you on facebook please pass my site along to your sledding friends. At the start of the season we were around 1400 likes and now it is almost to 1900, I would like to see it pass the 2000 mark. I pretty much got my sledheads sign finished up yesterday and now I just need to get it hung back up outside. Here are some progress pics as I put it together. Thanks for checking in. Pete101_1705 101_1704 101_1708 101_1707 101_1706 101_1702 101_1701 101_1700


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