Its been a tough week

While the weather has been great this week, its been a tough week with the aftermath of the accident from Monday. The vigil last night was something that grayling has never seen anything like and was very nice. Jasons funeral is today and Louis’s funeral is on monday.

On a brighter note I took my 4 wheeler for a ride on wednesday. It was 80 plus degrees and I was looking for mushrooms. The woods are as dry as a tinder box and there were no mushrooms but believe it or not I still found patches of snow. The picture below is about a half mile from sledheads, I just had to stop and make some snowballs which I lobbed at a tree near by along with the little snowman I put on my handle bars. Cathy and I are going to head out first thing tommorow morning and see if we can find some mushrooms but we could use a good shot of rain to get them moving. Thanks for checking in. Pete

wed may 1 still snow

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