Its been a rainy week in Frederic

Its been raining all week in Frederic but the colors are great right now and leaves are just starting to fall. You may remember earlier this summer when my friend Wayne did his power ride on his motorcycle to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska and then on to Key West from there. He raised over $105,000 dollars on his ride to help eradicate Polio.. Wayne just likes to ride and last night he headed off to Florida to go to a motorcycle show. I have been watching on his spot messenger and tonight he is in southern Alabama…you hear that CJ…. anyways this trip isn’t a fund raiser he is just out for a ride. If he liked sleds the way he likes to ride motorcycles I wonder how many miles he could get on in a season. I stopped at his house the other night and he showed me a  bike he has that he had put 160,000 miles on…….I posted a link on my sledheads facebook page for the good deal on food coupons for the Frederic Inn. You get 2 twenty dollar coupons for $20, you just need to use them before the end of December. I got mine. Below I will paste a picture I received for donating to Waynes first big trip and then another picture from last week when I stopped at the pawn shop in the D for lunch with Jeff. Les had just bought this Cadillac so he wanted it taken out for a test drive. Elvis would have been jealous. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_4206 IMG_4200[1]IMG_4303

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