Its been a great week in Utah

Well unfortunately our time is running out on our visit to Salt Lake, we have seen alot of things and in seeing the mountains and talking to people that ride here in the winter I want ot come back for some mountain riding. Also I was surprised to learn that it isnt that far from here from where the annual Mountain Man Rendevous is held each year. I would love to go to that sometime. Yesterday we took a nice drive out to Antelope Island and then a drive up thru some canyons and ski resort area. Very scenic and on the island we saw only 2 antelope and many buffalo. Then off to the Easton Archery Center which just opened in April of this year. A top notch facility where many olympic shooters train. This morning I started out with a factory tour of Hoyt Archery and then a tour at Easton where they manufacture both aluminum and carbon fiber arrows to the tune of 400,000 a week. It was amazing to see the process of taking flat aluminum stock and turning it into arrows along with how the carbon fiber is spun together to do the same thing….then it was of downtown to the mormon temple square for an organ recital in the tabernacle. What a giant organ and I will put a few pictures below here. The picture I took of the organ looks like a postcard print….so time to hit the pool and get rested up to go back to downtown Frederic. Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


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