Its Always Great in Frederic

Its always great in Frederic, I would love to believe that but yesterday it certainly was. I headed out from Frederic to go meet up with Keith, Francis, & Frank and we headed out from Fays Motel towards Lovells. That was a beautiful ride, the Lovells Trail was perfect, thin in a few spots but good everywhere else. I had my heart set on a Talley Burger but that was not to be as when we got past Lovells to go to Lewiston the trail hadn’t been touched by a groomer and as much as I wanted the Talley burger none of us wanted to go thru the abuse of that rough trail. Someone please tell Byrd I would like some delivered over to Frederic. Having to change our plans we decided to head toward Gaylord and up where the south loop met the trail there were fresh groomer tracks so I figured that we might be able to ride towards Vienna and catch the other trail down to Lewiston. It looked good for a while and what we were on must have been groomed by Gaylord as when we turned to head to Vienna back to ungodly rough trails. So we turned around again and headed into Gaylord. I stopped at Extreme to pick up a few things and then it was on to the Stampede for lunch. Many riders have told me that trail four towards lakes of the north has been very good this year which in the past has had complaints. Well no complaints here because it was beautiful and we even met the groomer where and I took a short video which is below here. The groomer driver stopped and opened the door and yelled at me to text him next time so he could do his hair. Its always good to see a Happy Groomer Driver.  On to the Settings from there where we ran into Lynn & Tim who had just watched my video I had put on at the Stampede. It was down to Keith and I now and from the settings we were off to Starvation Lake, The trouble was the sign was gone for the turn and we almost made it to the Jordan Valley Clubhouse before I realized it, but who cares we were riding great trails. So back to Starvation Lake and then Frederic, I even rode my sled home and made a lap around Lake Margrethe, the snow is deep out there and it felt good to get out there for the first time this year. All in all a great 150 mile ride and I am riding to my weekly Century 21 meeting this morning and then on to Frederic…maybe its finally time to start getting some miles on. Thanks for checking in. Pete

Lunch at the Stampede

Lunch at the Stampede

Lynn & Tim, regular readers,  along with Pete and Keith from Fays Motel

Lynn & Tim, regular readers, along with Pete and Keith from Fays Motel

A stop at the Settings and a nice talk with Joe too...Be sure to ask Curt for a Chocolate Shake...

A stop at the Settings and a nice talk with Joe too…Be sure to ask Curt for a Chocolate Shake…

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