Its already 2:30

Its already 2:30 and I am just setting down to do todays update, well there haven’t been a lot of riders in here its either I am helping someone like that or have my ear glued to the phone. So yesterdays ride was incredible as expected, Jim and I left here about 8:30 with our sleds in the trailer and headed for Cheboygan where we unloaded and headed for the island, we got to the tree line and it was 5.5 miles across the ice to Bois Blanc, we headed inland and stopped to visit my friend Victor who is 80 and was born on the island and has lived there all his life. We headed up to the really secluded part of the island where we found 3 foot deep untouched snow and then got stuck. Where is the 161 inch 2 inch paddle track when you need it? Victor had told me about someone he knew that was stuck for a couple hours and we found that spot where at least 6 foot drifts blew in off of Lake Huron, that’s where we turned around. A nice subway lunch was had by the east shore and then on for the rest of our 3 hour tour. We headed back to Victors where he feeds the deer in the afternoon and they surrounded Jims sled. Look at the pics below. Also the one great pic of me showing how strong I am by holding up the Big Mac bridge. We headed up there for a photo op after we left the island and made it back here to Frederic about 8. All in all 88 miles of quality riding…….I wish we could keep the snow all year long. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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