Its all gone…….

Its all gone again. The snow that made it a little bit white out has melted and its a nice 42 degrees out here in Frederic this morning. Record temps predicted again for this week with 50 on Wednesday. Its misty and dark out today. We will be lucky if Santa gets us all a white Christmas. This is my 19th season here in Sledheads and the first season that I was open I remember that I¬†closed up for Valentines weekend and went to the u.p. to go riding because there wasn’t a drop of snow here. Only time will tell what is going to happen this year. I was around here almost all day on Saturday and the only person that came in was thinking positive and bought 3 trail permits. We are only off by a few thousands on the hit counter for the 2,000,000 mark. Wish I could turn all those hits into dollars. I stayed home all day yesterday in my P.J.s and watched Christmas movies all day long. That was a first but kind of relaxing. And don’t forget tomorrow the 22 is the first day of winter……Thanks for checking in. Pete

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