Its a sunny morning in Anchorage

Its a sunny morning in anchorage, Just before As I was having breakfast yesterday morning in Talkeetna I was talking to a lady in there and she said she was from Cheboygan and of course that makes me think of bois blanc island. She said she lived there for 5 years and she knew all the people that I know there but then the cook in the place I related to my old friend Victor there on the island. It just amazes me how you run into people that make it seem like its a small world. We had a nice talk about the island and then I was off on the shuttle towards Wasilla where I met a nice young kid named Alex who said I could ride with him from the corner to Wasilla, He is a pilot in Talkeetna and he was on his way to pick up a plane. He said he had to stop to do paperwork at the willow airport and I said I would just go look at planes. That was pretty neat looking at all the different planes. The close ups I took of the yellow plane you can see the skis they lower down when they land on the snow up at mt McKinley for the climbers. After we got to Wasilla I caught the valley shuttle that takes you right into anchorage where I met up with my old neighbor GGs daughter, Christa Gothro who has been living here in Anchorage for a couple years. We had a good time last night and now I am on the downhill slide before I have to leave…Darn time to go back to work…..Thanks for checking in. Pete

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